89% of non-branded Google
clicks for eCommerce brands
are from Google Shopping.

Did you know only 2 in 10 eCommerce brands are actively optimising their Shopping feeds to maximise sales performance?

If you’re not managing and optimising your product feed, how are you in full control of your Shopping campaign performance?

How we work

We take care of the whole shopping feed management process. 

  • Starting with feed creation (if required), or by taking your existing product feed and giving it a new lease of life, by filling in any key missing attributes to improve visibility of each product and setting up rules to automatically complete these moving forward as new products enter the feed too. 
  • We then use our agency best practices and methodology to optimise key product attributes including the product title and descriptions, again improving relevancy of products to the user.  
  • This audit process is completed frequently, to cover new products entering the feed and to check on the feed’s health for any disapprovals/errors that may arise.  

Then we get down to the exciting bits…

  • Testing different attributes within the feed using intelligent data and trends from the ads platform and third parties to improve relevancy and conversion rate. 
  • We also take the time to learn and understand our clients key business objectives and align these to the segmentation structure of their shopping feed, giving your shopping campaigns the most solid foundation for success.

Our shopping feed management service isn’t just for the likes of Google Shopping! We currently manage feeds for a whole host of channels and marketplaces who have their own, specific feed requirements and best practices, including Microsoft, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Display platforms, as well as Affiliate networks such as AWIN and Partnerize. 

Why brands choose us

On average, we achieve a 37% increase in ROAS for our eCommerce brands through optimised shopping feeds and campaigns.  

Our shopping team and platform are unrivalled in all things feed related. We take the heavy lifting off your in-house time and remove the need for developer time and costs. 

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