Price Intelligence Tool.

Shopping campaign performance is largely determined by how competitively priced a product is.

If you’re not tracking your competitors, how do you know how your product pricing stacks up against theirs?

What is it

Our price intelligence tool was built to fuel smarter decision making by offering transparency on competitor pricing strategies, that lets you pip them to the post time and time again. 

Over 80% of retail shoppers compare pricing online before buying, meaning competitor price tracking is a must, but noone wants the labour-intensive task to land on their list of to dos. Our tool makes restructuring your google shopping campaign a piece of cake through automation, helping to improve your overall shopping conversion rate!

How does it work

We use your GTIN and brand data through our shopping feed tool to collect both your own and your competitor’s pricing data from the auction. Once we’ve pulled the key information, we segment the data based on price competitiveness – simple, but it gets even better than this…

After our tool has carefully reviewed each SKU for price competitiveness it automatically adds the relevant labels to each SKU within the product feed. The price competitive labels are then used to segment shopping campaigns to gain control over budgets and bidding strategy assigned to each group of GTINs.

What can it do for you

✅Improve your shopping conversion

Dedicate more budget to highly competitive priced products to improve market share

✅Cut wasted shopping spend

Pull back budget on your products that are not competitively priced currently

✅Inform product and delivery pricing decisions

Gain transparency over how you are priced vs competition

✅Automate Google Shopping strategy

Dynamically update shopping campaigns each time the pricing data is pulled