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Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%

Do you know how well yours are performing??

Paid search

It’s worth knowing that Paid Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%, so if you’re currently selling online and looking to broaden your reach, we’d recommend PPC management.

Our PPC management services take care of everything your business needs to run a successful paid search campaign – no matter what your industry or sector. We’re experts in Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube ads, so we’re well equipped to create best-in-class PPC strategies that make your Paid Marketing budgets work harder and more efficiently.

Holistic approach

Collaborative strategies

Our approach to PPC management

At Ortus, we’re strong advocates for a holistic approach, and encourage cross channel collaboration in order to reach your performance goals. Today’s user journey is far from linear; Google even calls it ‘the messy middle’, so we strategically leverage each channel to engage users at various stages of their journey for optimal performance.

This means working closely with our Paid Social team to align budgets, objectives, creative ideas, and insights, or partnering with our SEO partner agency, NORTH, to uncover keyword and on-site optimisation possibilities.

Shopping ads

Feed management

Shopping and Performance Max campaigns drive a whopping 85% of all clicks on Google Ads, and 100% of search terms for Shopping Ads are matched with feed data. We ensure that your Shopping Ads align perfectly with the information in your product feed for maximum effectiveness. This is where having top-notch product information becomes a game-changer.

We’re dedicated to continuously enhancing the quality of your feed, using valuable data and keeping an eye on trends. This boosts the visibility of your ads, improves the click-through rate (CTR), and works wonders for your conversion rate. The result? Your ads become a powerful magnet, attracting a higher volume of relevant traffic to your online store.


Additional insights

We go beyond PPC management and our focus extends to enhancing your overall business performance. Our team will consistently provide you with valuable industry insights and trends that can help with informed and data-driven decisions across your entire business. Whether it’s understanding the ripple effects of events like Amazon Prime Day, staying updated on the latest developments in AI, or hearing about Paid Search predictions from our industry partners, you can trust you’ll be informed every step of the way, with a strategy tailored to your business needs.

The more informed you are, the greater impact you can achieve with your Paid Marketing.

100 days

First 100 days

We give the brands that work with us the confidence that they’ve picked the right Paid Marketing agency for them in the initial 100 days. After all, those initial impressions carry significant weight! You’ll get a thorough audit of your ongoing paid marketing campaigns and account setup, but you’ll also receive a comprehensive 100-day roadmap outlining what you can expect us from day one.

This plan covers everything from the initial efforts to align your account with our best practices plus customised strategies for account growth, all to be accomplished within those crucial first 100 days.

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