Paid social media is the
most effective channel
at reaching the unaware.

Paid social advertising is a powerful tool in experiencing strong sales growth potential for ecommerce brands.

Online users spend one third of their time online across social media platforms.

How are you utilising these channels to ensure your brand is being seen?

How we work

Using our proven methodology, we use the first month of management to build the foundations of your Paid Social accounts to drive cost efficiencies, essentially preparing the account, so it is ready for us to produce un-ignorable sales growth in months 2 and 3. 

We’ll make sure that your brand is the one your future customers are thinking about. We take social users from initial awareness of your brand through to purchase and then continue to nurture them into the loyalty stage of the customer funnel. We will identify which segment of your audience we should be focusing on, the most effective copy and creative for that specific audience and on which social platform they are found on, in order to spend budget wisely. We make sure every impression counts. 

We see the bigger picture with Paid Social. We are well-versed in using Paid Social as a tool to support additional marketing and business activity. We use Paid Social as a vehicle to support clients objectives of driving in-store visits to their physical stores, as well as complimenting TV ads and their schedule to create a substantial brand attention and recall impact. 

What we offer

We provide all of our clients with bespoke strategies, reports and communication, to deliver fast impacts. Based on our proven agency methodology, our clients typically see a measurable difference in budget efficiency within their first month with us, with substantial growth in sales/revenue within three months.

We'll challenge you

One thing we always ask our clients is “Who is your customer?”. They know who the overarching customer is, but is this the same for the social platforms? We identify new segments of customers for our clients, test and learn what ads resonate with them and use this to generate new streams of revenue for our clients from this approach. 

It's all about the feed

We offer shopping feed management specifically designed for your social feeds, because simply put, duplicating your Google feed won’t cut the mustard for eye-catching social ads. We work tirelessly to ensure product ads running on social are optimised for the platform. Your ads need stopping power and that is exactly what we deliver. We’ll make sure your product titles and descriptions are thumb-stopping for the social scroller. 

Sales Focused

It may be nice to have lots of page likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, but if that doesn’t directly benefit the number of sales generated, we don’t do it.