Reach the unaware
with Paid Social.

Online users spend more than one third of their time online across social media platforms.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to reach and audience targeting, so it’s no surprise that it’s a heavily saturated market. Helping you stand out is where our team comes in.

What we offer

Facebook Advertising

Our team are expertly skilled in all things Facebook and produce ad campaigns that deliver seriously impressive returns for our clients. We’ll run a full account audit of your Facebook Ads Account and provide you with recommendations covering account structure, audience and creative to ignite performance and reach your goals.

From initial awareness all the way to conversion, our campaigns cover the full shebang when it comes to the user funnel, and we build data and learnings as we go that allow us to reach your target audience at the right place, at the right time.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is now so much more than a photo-sharing platform, and comes jam packed with features to help businesses market and sell their products directly from the app.

The stats speak for themselves on this one, with 63% of users checking the app at least once per day, and 42% opening the app multiple times a day. These highly engaged users are in the palm of your hand ready to be served an ad, be it through News Feed or Stories, and we use precise targeting and continuous optimisation based on what your data is telling us to reach them.

Pinterest Advertising

The ‘go-to’ inspo platform drives a ton of traffic, and it has actually been proven to be more effective at driving traffic back to ecommerce stores more than other social media platforms.

The highly visual interface paired up with dynamic advertising makes Pinterest the perfect channel to find and influence your customers who are actively seeking inspiration. Our team is second to none when it comes to cooking up a strategy that ensures you are captivating your target audience mid-inspo browse, and providing you with advice on how to nail that uber cool creative that will stand out in a sea of visuals.

How we work

Our tried and tested method ensures all campaigns are smooth running and hit those all important numbers.


We’ll kick things off with a full account audit to uncover data on what’s been working successfully and what just hasn’t been hitting the mark. This helps to inform our planning and typically centres around your account structure and makeup, audiences and existing creatives. At this point, we’ll also plan which social channels are going to be best suited for your audience and in line with your business objectives.


We’ll form an initial plan that we’ll present to you and your team to ensure we’re on the same page. This includes budgets, forecasts, audiences and suggestions on creatives. Your brand personas and customer lists come in handy here so we’re able to create look-a-like and retargeting audiences.


Once we’re live you can expect reports from us highlighting key results, creative and campaign breakdowns, what we’ve achieved and what we’ll deliver as part of our next steps. Our data driven approach means we’re agile and able to switch things up to ensure your money is spent in the highest performing areas, based on what the data is telling us.

What makes us different

Exclusive Insights

We’re partnered with the best the industry has to offer, meaning we have exclusive access to insights, trends & predictions from the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’re also proactive in seeking out the latest news and updates in social media to ensure we’re equipped to keep your campaigns high performing and relevant.

Data Driven Testing

We’re always working to think outside the box and conjure up new things to test your campaigns. From adding new audiences into the mix to exploring new social channels or creative formats, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your performance by regularly testing and acting on the data we find. We’ll also share our findings with you along the way to help you understand your social audience better. 

Transparent Communication

Transparency is really important to us, so we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way with our reporting, emails and catch ups.. We’ll never shy away from shouting about good results, but if something isn’t going well, we’ll flag this to you and chat about how we plan on improving it.


We’ve got stacks of experience in our team across all social platforms and a wide range of industries including fashion, footwear, home, travel, food and beauty. Our team regularly refreshes their paid social knowledge and are all certified marketers putting your campaigns in very capable hands. In fact, we actually allocate a number of non-client work days per month to our experts, allowing them the time to brush up on their industry knowledge & skills to ensure we’re bringing you the best possible service.

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