Paid Social Agency

Is Paid Social for you?

With 73% of the UK population actively using social media, it is more important than ever for successful brands to have a strong paid social marketing strategy in place.

Whether you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, reach new customers, or you’re keen to reignite stagnant social media accounts and improve your ROAS, our team of paid social experts are well equipped to execute campaigns across META platforms, Pinterest and TikTok that deliver results.

A holistic approach

Why choose Ortus as your Paid Social Media Agency

We’re a paid social agency that believes in leveraging other marketing channels to improve the performance and efficiency of our strategies. Whether that’s working with our in-house PPC management team and utilising one fluid paid marketing budget between channels, or collaborating with SEO experts from our sister agency, NORTH, to drive quality traffic to optimised landing pages, we’re big advocates of joined up thinking.

Painless onboarding

Our team are here to make your life easier, not more difficult, so we keep our paid social onboarding process seamless from start to finish. An initial audit of your social media accounts will be completed prior to even agreeing to work with us, to identify any immediate issues or opportunities that are hindering your successes so far. This includes making sure you are iOs compliant and all tracking integrations are working as they should.

Data-driven paid social strategies

Your paid social strategies won’t be made based on presumptions, but instead on data-driven decisions backed by what we find in Google Analytics. This puts us in a confident position to increase performance results and ensure we’re spending your budget efficiently. We leverage both Analytics and in-platform insights on a weekly basis, as well as frequent agency meetings to take advantage of shared experiences and industry insights.

Pro-active account management

We’re wired to always focus on ‘what’s next?’ and our social media management reflects that. Our paid social experts are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to social media platform features or developments that could benefit our clients and contribute towards hitting target objectives. Our relationships across META (Facebook and Instagram) Pinterest and TikTok mean that if there’s something worth knowing, you can guarantee we’ll be one of the first to hear about it.

In-house Design team

Our paid social services come with optional creative input from our in-house design team, meaning you don’t need to allow a lack of creative resource to hold you back from producing campaigns engaging enough to beat the scroll. Our design team are experienced in crafting mobile-first artwork for paid social campaigns no matter what the ad format or platform, so you’re in no danger of running out of creative fuel when it comes to keeping your campaigns fresh and inspiring.

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