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Paid Search Consultancy

Looking to keep your in-house marketing team ahead of the rest?

Take advantage of our experts with Paid Consultancy.

What we do

The beauty of our consultancy service is that it can be fully tailored to suit the needs of both your team and business. Our experts can act as an extension of your team wherever you need us most – From a quarterly review with one of our senior team to audit your accounts and check how they stack up against best practices, to advice on where your current opportunities lie and what’s being missed, we’ve got your back.

Looking for a more hands-on approach? No problem. We’ll entirely build your team’s paid strategy from scratch and work closely to educate them along the way with the newest product releases.

How we do it

Keeping you on track

We independently audit your ad accounts to ensure they remain best practice, run as efficiently as possible and are benefiting from the best automation, and we’ll be religiously testing and learning to improve account performance. You’ll also benefit from our partnerships with Google, Microsoft and Facebook for industry insights, fast turnarounds with any platform issues and strategy support where required.

Sharing our knowledge

We support your team with training on new platform best practices and features, and help them understand the “why” behind strategies we present. You’ll be given a bespoke consultation plan that ensures you’ll always have time in the diary with our experts, and we’ll supply you with regular insights, content and webinars that keep you up to speed in the meantime!

Igniting growth

We review and advise on growth opportunities currently being missed within your accounts, taking into consideration everything from wider business opportunities on-site, on your landing pages and across other marketing channels you’re utilising. We’ll also white-list you for any relevant platform BETAs through our partner status to help your business get ahead of the competition and improve your performance.

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