Spaceslide Paid Social

Spaceslide | Paid Social | Lead Gen

The facts

Client name: Spaceslide

Industry: Home & Furniture

Channels: Paid Social | Meta

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • The client was looking to re-evaluate how they could spend budget more efficiently for Paid Social, focused on long term growth. 
  • They required an entirely new strategy that would enable them to measure the success of Paid Social campaigns.

The method

  • Due to the nature of the client’s product being a considered purchase, it’s unlikely a customer will click and buy during the first user engagement. Our Paid Social experts decided it was wise to take a step back and consider a new approach on how we could help them achieve their overall business goals, but also be able to track and measure Paid Social performance.
  • The Ortus team delivered a Paid Social leads strategy which would focus on brand awareness and lead generation. Taking into account the budget we had and performance of past campaigns, we decided it was within the client’s best interests to go for leads, targeting new audiences who may be interested in upgrading their home.
  • We jumped on a call with our client and discussed our concerns on placing sales targets on Paid Social campaigns, and agreed Paid Social budget was most efficiently spent focusing on top of the funnel, potential customers.
  • We didn’t just drive users to the website, we collected valuable data. We worked closely with Spaceslide’s internal sales team to ensure our Paid Social ads were asking the right questions within the lead forms. By doing this, the responses provided high quality data and information to our client on their prospective customers, so their team had a better chance of converting the lead to a sale.
  • Not only were their sales team able to nurture those leads and build relationships over the phone or face to face, which was a highly successful method when selling their products, we were able to use the customer data for retargeting campaigns and also build out lookalike audiences.
  • We advised them to request feedback from the sales team on the quality of the leads, to ensure our proposed strategy is performing. The feedback was really positive and they were able to start building new customer relationships and producing a bigger sales pipeline. This paid social leads strategy delivered a highly effective use of their Paid Social budget, with tangible results!

What's next

We’re always thinking about ways we can see further growth with the budget we have in place, and one of those ways we see this happening is by doing further testing with creatives. 

We have provided content/ad examples based on industry insights and recommendations in order to give some direction with their content creation plans. Video and UGC content is a big focus and we have highlighted the importance of testing this style of content.

Client testimonial

“Danielle and the team at Ortus took the time to understand our business objectives to create a targeted strategy for our social campaigns resulting in increased web traffic, ad visibility and engagement and helping us to gain better return on investment by suggesting we switch from direct sales to lead generation campaigns on Meta!  

We have been working together to test creatives to determine which one a customer is likely to engage with to further our return on investment. The team have helped achieve a great number of quality leads for our showrooms to work with and they continue to work closely with myself and Mat to ensure we are getting the right customer information to help generate more sales.”

Ecommerce Executive at Spaceslide