Moshulu | PPC | Performance Max

The facts

Client name: Moshulu

Industry: Footwear

Channels: PPC | Performance Max

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • To proactively boost sales from New Customers. 
  • To grow Revenue and ROAS between years from similar levels of spend.

The results

  • +14% increase in ROAS
  • +15% increase in Revenue
  • +15% increase in Conversion Rates

Performance Max Chart

The method

  • We implemented Performance Max campaigns to open our targeting to more customers on Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube, building up brand awareness.
  • We optimised Search Ads, improving Ad Strength as well as pausing under performing keywords to allow those that convert best to show more frequently for their budgets.
  • Budget was pulled back from campaigns targeting Branded terms and pushed into Performance Max and generic search campaigns to show ads more frequently to new customers.

What's next

We’ll next be testing Google’s ‘Optimise For Acquiring New Customers’ settings, which will advise Google to utilise the budget to target more heavily towards new customers. With this, we hope to continue building Moshulu’s brand awareness.