New Era Paid Social

New Era | Paid Social | Growing Revenue

About the client

New Era is an American headwear retailer headquartered in Buffalo, New York, founded in 1920. Since 1993 they have been the exclusive baseball cap supplier for Major League Baseball, and now have over 500 licences in their portfolio across both clothing and accessories.

The objectives

  • To improve quality of traffic through Paid Social ads
  • To improve revenue and ROAS through Paid Social ads

The results

472 %

increase in Facebook revenue

67 %

increase in traffic

106 %

increase in CTR

The method

  • We understood the Paid Social accounts for this brand needed a full re-structure to bring it up to the new Paid Social best practices. The structure was really focused around campaign budgets/country specific budgets etc and not making the most out of the total budget available across the UK & EU. The existing structure also meant there was opportunity for the audiences to overlap.
  • Off the back of our account review, we built a plan to restructure the accounts where budget would be focused on audiences we wanted to target e.g. ‘prospecting’ audiences and ‘retargeting’ audiences (where we could ensure very little audience overlap, if any at all).
  • Once we’d created the new campaigns across the 5 regions, we also changed how the budget was being spent – by utilising campaign budget optimisation (CBO), so that Facebook will spend the budget where performance is better. We’ve found from experience this works really well as the algorithm prioritises the best performing ads to be shown and therefore budget is efficiently spent as a result!
  • Alongside these new campaigns, we re-structured the Dynamic Retargeting campaigns in to one dedicated campaign which targeted all countries, with the ad spend set using CBO too – rather than giving each country a specific budget we wanted to allow Facebook to optimise based on the account data and work its magic!

Results in more depth

Overall results compared to previous account structure:

All campaigns 

  • CTR increased by 106%
  • Facebook revenue increased by 472%
  • Average cost per purchase decreased by 74% 
  • Traffic increased by 67%

Dynamic Retargeting only 

  • Spend increased by 17%
  • Cost per purchase decreased by 83%
  • Number of purchases increased by 3,714%
  • Facebook revenue increased by 4,510%