N Peal case study

N.Peal | PPC | Increasing Revenue

About the client

N.Peal is a luxury cashmere clothing company founded in 1936 with its first store in London’s Burlington Arcade. N.Peal offers a piece of London to its customers; incorporating city glamour and timeless style in all their clothing. Cherished by urban dwellers, world travellers, Hollywood styles and Royalty alike.

The objectives

Primary Objective:

  • To increase revenues – in both Google and across other channels.

Secondary Objective:

  • To drive new customers to the site

The results

  • +122% increase in website traffic through Google Ads
  • +281% increase in conversions from customers who interacted firstly with a Paid Search ad but converted through other channels 
  • +104% increase in direct revenue (from customers who clicked on a Google ad last) 

The method

  • We sat down with the client to discuss the impact of potentially reducing our ROAS targets, and forecasted what this may look like throughout the year.
  • Performance Max campaigns were enabled, allowing us to target customers through Shopping, Search, Display and more.
  • tROAS settings were reduced to slightly below the new target set by the client.
  • Budgets became unlimited in all campaigns.
  • New keywords and DSAs were added to the account to advertise to more customers, especially those higher up the funnel who were still in the research phase of purchasing.

What's next

We’re currently in the process of setting up Enhanced Conversions within the account – this will allow us to track customers who haven’t accepted cookies on site, giving more data to Google to help with further optimisations.

We’ll also be implementing New Customer Acquisition targeting on the account. This will allow us to focus our budgets and targeting to New Customers over Existing customers in the future.