YouTube Ads Moda in Pelle

Moda in Pelle | PPC | YouTube Ads

The facts

Client name: Moda in Pelle

Industry: Footwear

Channels: PPC | YouTube Ads

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • Drive more New Users to the site through Video advertising.
  • Capitalise on the anticipated uplift in shopping demand for sandals during the summer months.
  • Proactively boost brand awareness in preparation for Peak in November and December.

The results

  • +9% in impressions from a 3% increase in cost.
  • +1,410% in assisted conversions compared to Last Click Conversions.
  • +22% in New Users.

The method

  • We created a new audience signal for Google to target on YouTube; Females who are interested in travel, sandals and high heels, and who are not included in certain current audiences; those who have visited the site in the last 30 days and have not converted in the last 365 days.
  • We agreed with the client a specific budget to test the campaign and a date range to run it from and to.
  • We used a YouTube Ad video specifically promoting Sandals and summer, limiting views to a maximum of 5 per customer to not over-show to customers.

What's next

We’re always trying to raise brand awareness – we’re working with the client to determine if YouTube Ads are to continue to be a driving force of this as we move into Peak, and if we should combine it with Demand Gen campaigns to target customers as they browse across the web.