Moda in Pelle | PPC

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • Increased shopping traffic by 56%
  • Lowered CPCs by 37%
  • Increased shopping transactions by 62%
  • Increased ROAS by 29%
  • Decreased ad spend by 5%

The client

Client: Moda in Pelle

Industry: Fashion

Territory focus: UK

Target customers: Women of all ages

Moda in Pelle is a leading women’s footwear brand with 40 years experience crafting beautiful leather shoes, combining British sophistication with Italian quality that appeal to all women. Whilst Moda in Pelle have 38 physical stores across the country, they understand the importance of expanding their digital presence and are always enthusiastic to test new campaign formats and channels.

Going into one of the peak periods of the year, Black Friday, we looked to increase paid marketing revenue and traffic YoY for Moda in Pelle, all while increasing new users through shopping, DSA and generic search. Our aim was to strategically target seasonal product types, such as ankle boots, knee-high boots and trainers, which we knew would be popular with Moda in Pelle’s target audience.

+ 62 %

Shopping transactions

32 %


+ 29 %


So, what did we do?

Using our Feed Management software, we identified PPC best selling products and applied custom labels. We also created custom labels for sitewide bestsellers and highly discounted products, and applied a custom label to ‘everyday’ style products that we presumed would drive more traffic amongst new users. 

We then set up new shopping campaigns which followed the new structure of our segmented feed to control budgets and bidding strategies for each group of products. We applied tailored bidding strategies to individual shopping campaigns to ensure the maximum reach and return.

The results

  • Shopping Traffic increased by 56%
  • Shopping CPC’s decreased by 37% 
  • Shopping transactions increased by 62% 
  • We used 5% less ad spend to achieve these results
  • Shopping ROAS increased by 29%.

What did the client have to say?

“A huge thank you for the great work you completed over Black Friday, it was truly brilliant.”

Anil Patel – Marketing & Ecommerce Director, Moda in Pelle