Moda SS22

Moda in Pelle | PPC | Performance Max Revenue Growth

About the client

Moda in Pelle is a leading womens footwear brand with 40 years experience crafting beautiful leather shoes. Whilst Moda in Pelle have 38 physical stores across the country, they understand the importance of expanding their digital presence and are always enthusiastic to test new campaign formats and channels.

The objectives

Moda in Pelle tasked us with:

  • Increasing revenue by 25%
  • Maintaining current ROAS in the process

The results

+ 26 %

in revenue

+ 25 %

in traffic

+ 1 %


The method

  • We created new Performance Max campaigns to build traffic whilst giving them a target ROAS to aim for. We had already tested some on the account and were seeing strong results and opted to create more to push our ads to more customers.
  • Reduced our target bids we gave Google to aim for, allowing us to open our ads up to targeting more customers building brand awareness.
  • New Search campaigns were created, including RLSA campaigns targeting past customers who are searching for generic terms and DSA campaigns to specific landing pages which were top performing in the last fortnight that were key products.

Client testimonial

“I almost fell off my chair when I saw the results!”
Anil Patel, Marketing & Ecommerce Director, Moda In Pelle

What's next

With the roll out of Performance Max campaigns being a success on this account, our next step is to complete the switchover of all Shopping campaigns to this format. Through this, we’re able to target customers whilst they’re actively browsing Google through Search and Shopping, as well as deliver quality display marketing as they’re browsing an array of partner sites including YouTube and Gmail all in one campaign.