Moda in Pelle

Moda in Pelle | PPC | New Customer Acquisition

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • +7% in revenue
  • +44% in ROI
  • -24% in CPA

Whilst maintaining conversions

Who is the client and why did they come to us?

Client: Moda in Pelle

Industry: Footwear

Target customer: Female fashion consumers

Moda in Pelle is a leading women’s footwear brand with 40 years experience crafting beautiful leather shoes, combining British sophistication with Italian quality that appeal to all women. Whilst Moda in Pelle have 38 physical stores across the country, they understand the importance of expanding their digital presence and are always enthusiastic to test new campaign formats and channels.

The main objective for the Moda in Pelle team was to improve ROAS and sales through driving more highly relevant traffic to the site.

So, what did we do?

Our experts used Broad Match keywords instead of Exact Match. We completed this through using the Experiments function within Google Ads and split budgets 50/50 between the original EM campaign and a new Broad Match campaign.

Settings were amended to fit with utilising Broad Match keywords to ensure we maintained or improved the ROAS of the account whilst widening the range of customers we were showing our ads to. 

The results

7 %

increase in revenue

44 %

uplift in ROI

24 %

reduction in CPA