Living Nature's PPC & Paid Social

Living Nature | PPC & Paid Social | Increasing CvR

About the client

Living Nature is a UK leader in providing an eco-friendly, premium range of animal soft toys. Inspiration is taken from animals worldwide to bring realistic and lovable characters to life. Living Nature is part of Keycraft Global, their goal is to help increase retailer profit through quality toys and insights.

The objectives

  • To unite PPC & Paid Social as one team using the same ad messaging throughout each customer journey touch point.
  • Transparency to spot opportunities and share learnings and insights across both channels.
  • To capitalise on the performance of each account as this changed on a fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Work towards a combined ROAS target over separate targets.

The results

  • +65% in ROAS
  • +11% in Conversion Rate
  • -36% in CPA

The method

  • Our PPC and Paid Social experts spent time each week to discuss performance, changes to trends and exchanged any relevant insights that could impact results.
  • In doing so, we identified if either channel was underperforming and in instances where it was, if the other was exceeding, we moved budgets between channels to capitalise on this. (That’s the beauty of sharing one overarching Paid budget!)
  • An example of this in practice was seen when our team moved budget from Google Ads into Paid Social, to test out Pinterest during an expected lower-performing month due product seasonality.
  • Finally, ROAS targets were increased on Paid Search in order to lower Paid Social’s and allow for more testing to be performed on this channel!

What's next

Q4 is a key period for soft toys making it a peak period for Living Nature. We’re currently exploring key dates and sale periods in the calendar to capitalise on increased demand and emerging key sales periods.

To further support this, we will be ensuring that ad copy and imagery matches where possible between Living Nature’s PPC and Paid Social channels. We’ll also plan to create audiences to retarget to users who may have viewed ads on the different platforms.