Kit and Kaboodal | PPC | New Customer Acquisition

The facts

Client name: Kit and Kaboodal

Industry: Women’s Fashion

Channels: PPC | Google Ads

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • After firmly establishing themselves in the market, the branded keyword performance was delivering a high return. 
  • The client tasked us with growing their new customers and reducing the spend on brand keywords to push more into non-brand keywords, whilst remaining above their ROAS target.


The results

  • +27% overall ROAS for Google Ads 
  • +41% overall revenue for Google Ads
  • +42% revenue for non-brand campaigns


The method

  • To kick off a ROAS focused PPC strategy, we completed an extensive review of search query reports for brand and generic campaigns to remove any unrelated or non-profitable search terms and identify opportunities for generic keyword expansion.
  • Bidding strategies were reviewed across the account and updated in line with our objectives.
  • As the account was using automated bidding throughout, ad groups and campaigns within search campaigns were condensed to streamline traffic more efficiently and pause non-converting ad groups. 
  • Budgets were weighted more heavily into the non-brand activity to allow a wider reach.


What's next

As our focus on growing non-brand traffic continues we’ll look to utilise Google’s newest feature of campaign negatives for Performance Max. This will allow us to segment the Performance Max campaign for Brand and Non-Brand terms, giving us more control over where the budget is allocated.

Client testimonial

“After being with a previous agency for a number of years we decided it was time for a change and a fresh pair of eyes on the account. Ortus made the change hassle free and we have been very impressed with the results we have seen so far. They have been proactive in their approach with real expertise and enthusiasm, taking onboard our requirements for the account. We look forward to growing the brand with them.”

Marketing Director at Kit and Kaboodal