Kit and Kaboodal | PPC | Revenue Growth With YouTube & Demand Gen

The facts

Client name: Kit and Kaboodal

Industry: Women’s Fashion

Channels: PPC | Google Ads

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • Grow budgets by 15% year on year with the intention of increasing sales and revenue.
  • At least maintain, if not improve upon ROAS
  • Grow Brand Awareness


The results

  • 1% increase in ROAS
  • 27% increase in Conversions
  • 15% increase in Revenue

Alongside great results for conversions and revenue, we also improved Conversion Rates by 12% alongside driving positive returns through both YouTube campaigns and Demand Gen Campaigns that were running in the account.

The method

  • We identified customers’ top interests through researching last years trends and focussed budgets into the campaigns targeting these products.
  • We updated all ads – Responsive Search Ads, Demand Gen Ads, YouTube Ads, Dynamic Search Ads as well as the Assets within the Performance Max campaigns pushing out the Black Friday promotions.
  • We implemented YouTube and Demand Gen campaigns to target new customers who are interested in Women’s fashion but who don’t necessarily know the brand.


What's next

We’re always on the lookout to grow the account by testing new features, and so we’re working with both Google and the client to do so – be it within Google Ads itself, the Merchant Centre or through Feed Optimisation.

Client Testimonial

“We’ve been working with Ortus PPC for almost a year now and we’re thrilled with the support, communication and results we’ve had from the team! Looking forward to 2024”

Laura Taylor, Marketing Director at Kit & Kaboodal