Journey Latin America | Paid Social

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • Brand Lift increased by 9.6 points 
  • 45,000+ 100% video views 
  • 5,000+ unique clicks to the website 
  • Ad Recall Lift of 26,800 for target audience

Who is the client and what was the challenge?

Client: Journey Latin America

Industry: Travel

Territory focus: Global

Journey Latin America is the UK’s number 1 specialist in travel to Latin America. With over 40 years experience, no-one knows Latin America like JLA.

The brand had been creating beautiful brand awareness television ads as well as stunning brochures to highlight their trips and tours. However, they needed a way to bring these stunning visuals to social mediums, such as Facebook and Instagram, and wanted to grow brand awareness and engagement with Journey Latin America’s core audience – those aged 45+.

So, what did we do?

We designed bespoke creative based on the TV ads, to make the social video ads more natural and tailored to each format. This included cutting up the original content for Instagram Stories, GIF carousel ads and a longer video which was appropriate for social posts. We ensured the creative would also be engaging specifically to their target audience. 

We pinpointed wider/new audiences who were interested in adventure travel/eco holidays, those who had similar social patterns as the brand’s current “bookers”, and those who were interested in products from travel companies offering similar holidays. In addition, we kept audiences engaged by retargeting those “bookers” who were within the most popular time frame to rebook, as well as highly engaged web visitors.

Part of our strategy was to take advantage of ad formats Journey Latin America hadn’t previously tested (e.g. Facebook and Instagram stories) to engage audiences in new ways, and we introduced a ‘Reach and Frequency Campaign’ to target users most likely to engage with our ads, for a fixed CPM. 

The results

  • 9.6-point increase in Brand Lift – With Facebook’s Standard Ad Recall Poll, they have determined there is a greater than 99.9% chance that JLA’s social Brand Awareness Campaigns caused Brand Lift. 
  • Over 45,000 100% video views and over 5,000 unique clicks to the website (removing any double/duplicate clicks). 
  • Reach and Frequency campaign generated an Ad Recall Lift of 26,800. All users 45+ (Ad Recall Lift is people who will remember seeing your ad after 2 days).

What did Jenny have to say?

“The team are clearly very talented at what they do and this is reflected in the outstanding results they have achieved for us over the years through our paid campaigns.  As an agency they are proactive, responsive and collaborative and their friendly approach means that they quickly felt like an extension of our in-house team.”

Jenny Powles, Head of Press and Marketing at Journey Latin America