Home Flooring Store | PPC | First Month With Ortus

About the client

The Home Flooring Store is an online flooring retailer dedicated to supplying high quality flooring at competitive prices with a focus on impeccable customer service.  At just over a year old, they have seen strong performance online in a short space of time and are ready to take the next step forward with Ortus.

The objectives

The Home Flooring Store aimed to:

  • Increase revenue while improving ROAS 
  • Reduce CoS down to 20% within the first 4-8 weeks

The results

+ 56 %

in revenue

+ 26 %


21 %

in CoS

The method


  • We quickly established the client’s visibility against competitors was hindered so our experts delved into the account and removed bidding strategies that were limiting performance to increase visibility. Impressions share bidding strategies were previously applied to branded campaigns where competition was high, however they were missing out on 45% of impressions due to rank.  This equates to approximately 2,603 lost impressions or approx £4,010 revenue per month. 
  • The majority of keywords were set to broad match modifier which are no longer available to create within Google Ads, we therefore removed outdated KW’s and tested a broad match strategy. Moving to broad match keywords increased clicks by 29% within search ads and with good SQR management, proved to be a key performance driver for the client
  • We brought each campaign up to our best practice, simple changes such as ensuring all ad groups had a minimum of 4 sitelinks, ensuring that extensions included key purchase drivers such as delivery information and offers to improve search campaign engagement and stand out against competition.

Shopping Feed Management

  • Our focus was heavily on shopping feed management to ensure key attributes were visible within the feed and highlighted within product titles, increasing visibility and CTR for shopping ads.

Client testimonial

“I’m really pleased seeing how quickly our PPC performance and results have improved since the Ortus team took over our account. They have delivered on driving budget efficiencies within the account, all whilst improving our PPC revenue significantly in such a short space of time. I would gladly recommend the team to others looking to reignite their PPC performance!” 
Owner, The Home Flooring Store

What's next

The results our team achieved for the client in just three weeks are nothing to shy away from, however there is still a little way to go on the CoS target. We already successfully reduced CoS by 21%, but we’re determined to bring this down even further, particularly for shopping activity where it’s at its highest, through continued feed optimisation and product title improvements.  We’re anticipating specific product range uplifts in March which we are currently planning for with bespoke search and shopping activity!