Graham & Green Case Study

Graham & Green | Paid Social | Increasing Revenue & ROAS

About the client

Founded in in 1974, Graham & Green is a family run interiors business filled with super stylish home accessories and unique gift ideas. Today, the retailer has four stores across London and the South West alongside a growing online business.

The objectives

  • To make the Paid Social budget run more efficiently, allowing for high levels of quality sessions 
  • To increase revenue whilst maintaining spend levels 

The results

  • +77% in social revenue MoM
  • +99% in sessions MoM
  • +38% ecommerce conversion rate MoM

The method

Our team conducted a full account audit for Graham & Green and quickly identified a restructure was required in order to bring it up to best practice. By restructuring the paid social account, we ensured that the brand had the foundations in place for future success and that their account budget ran much more efficiently. In order to achieve this we:

  • We restructured the campaigns to focus on ‘Prospecting’ and ‘Retargeting’ audiences as the existing structure meant there was opportunity for audience overlap.
  • We also changed how the budget was being spent by utilising the campaign budget optimisation (CBO) feature, so that Facebook spent the budget where performance was higher. Our experts have found from experience that this works really well, as the algorithm prioritises showing the best performing ads meaning the budget is efficiently spent as a result!
  • We reallocated a portion of Graham & Green’s brand awareness budget into a “traffic” focus to improve performance. This enabled us to not only position the brand in front of new audiences but specifically those that were more likely to click and browse!
  • As well as restructuring the account, we did a LOT of testing (the fun part!). We added in new ad formats and copy in order to analyse the engagement and performance against previous. We found that for some audiences it worked, and for others it didn’t (that’s why we test!). We also added new ad sets and additional new audiences to test. Again, some worked better than others (but more testing = more data!).

What's next

We’re looking to roll out the high performing ad formats and copy in more campaigns from our testing mentioned above!

Client testimonial

“After running our paid marketing campaigns in-house for some time, I’m delighted with the results that Ortus have managed to achieve so quickly. Their expertise and enthusiasm to help drive our business has helped us navigate the choppy waters post-pandemic, and provide us with some amazing growth during the economic downturn. I’m excited to see what they’ll be able to do next!”

Ecommerce Manager at Graham & Green