Graham & Green | Paid Social | Black Friday Weekend

The facts

Client name: Graham & Green

Industry: Homeware

Channels: Paid Social | Black Friday 2023

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • Graham and Green not only wanted to take on board the opportunity of Black Friday weekend but wanted to set out a comprehensive strategy to cover the week both before and after, capturing users at all stages of their buying journey
  • The team wanted to capitalise on both the anticipated uplift in shopping demand, as well as the higher purchasing intent online during this period, creating dedicated promo codes for staggered spend thresholds.


The results

  • +34% in ROAS YoY
  • +65% in revenue YoY
  • +65% in engaged users YoY

The method

  • Capitalising on the placements and creatives that we knew worked best for the client we pushed both CTA focused and video content, creating engaging ads that highlighted the promotion.
  • We clearly communicated the 15%/20% discount codes across both prospecting and retargeting audiences to instil urgency in those looking to purchase.
  • We altered our budgets throughout the month to ensure that spend was being pushed higher on the days that we were expecting a large influx in purchases to increase conversion rates.


What's next

Altering our focus to last minute shoppers for the end of the year, going into 2024 we have set out a clear and structured funnel across Paid Social and PPC, reaching buyers at all stages of their customer journey, whilst also not deflecting growing the brand to align with company objectives and milestones. 

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and updates, we are always on the lookout for our next growth opportunity. We create strategies that align with your brand goals whilst capitalising on key dates, search trends and data to ultimately increase your revenue.