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Graham & Green | Paid Social | Meta Advantage+

The facts

Client name: Graham & Green

Industry: Homeware

Channels: Paid Social | Meta Advantage+

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • During a turbulent economic climate, our main objective for Paid Social was to hit or exceed the previous year’s revenue. 
  • To increase new customer acquisition, by seeking out new and efficient ways to bring new customers to the website.

The results

  • +22% in ROAS MoM
  • +69% in revenue MoM
  • +261% in revenue YoY
  • +443% in ROAS YoY
  • Through creative testing we found which image, video and text assets resonated with the user the most and significantly improved conversion rates.
  • We found that dynamic shopping ads continued to be top performing, when combined with a conversion campaign objective.
  • The Meta Advantage+ campaign saw good performance within the first few months of testing, encouraging us to increase the budget. The campaign is now a crucial revenue stream for the account.

The method

We implemented a new Advantage+ campaign in order to test a more automated approach to targeting. 

  • During the set up we defined existing customers that Meta could recognise as New vs Existing.
  • We split the budget between New vs Existing customers; we set a spend cap of 10% for existing customers and 90% for new customers. This was to ensure  focus was primarily on New Customers. 
  • We imported top performing ads from other conversion campaigns in order to test what was going to work best. We ensured that the ads we were using were relevant to a mix of customers (which we had previously tested, too).
  • It quickly became apparent that Existing Customers were performing much higher than New. As expected the ROAS was much healthier as we were able to achieve a much lower CPA compared to New Customers.
  • As a result of that data, we adjusted the budget cap and increased it to 20% which ultimately contributed to the success of this campaign.

What's next

Our Paid Social team are currently in the process of supporting the client in the set up of TikTok ads. We want to help drive brand awareness and increase the number of New Customers going to their website.

Once available to us, we will be taking advantage of TikTok Search Ads which we’re very excited to test out!