Godiva PPC Valentines

Godiva | PPC | Increasing ROAS

About the client

Established in Belgium, 1926, Godiva remains one of the finest Belgian chocolatiers in the world. Dedicated to sustainable practices, Godiva is a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and continues to create their chocolate delights according to traditional recipes.

The objectives

  • To increase ROAS above 300%
  • To increase conversion rate YoY 

The results

  • +119% in ROAS
  • +20% in revenue 
  • +14% in CvR 
  • -45% in cost
  • -40% in CPC
  • +15% in AOV

The method

  • We optimised the client’s shopping feed by cloning specific products to include Valentines keywords in the product titles for optimum exposure during this period.
  • It was important that we ensured that we were promoting the Valentines collection through both Shopping and Search campaigns, including sitelinks and promotion extensions.
  • We took a flexible and agile approach to the PPC budget and shifted this into the top performing campaigns and increased ROAS targets to maximise return.
  • To capture top of the funnel consumers as well as those who were further down the buying cycle, we targeted non brand, generic keywords.

What's next

Following the success of our Valentines PPC for Godiva, and with Q2 around the corner, we are always keen to captalise on the upcoming seasonal trends such as the new Spring collection, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc, therefore we are currently working on strategies behind the scenes to smash our YoY goals!