Ethical Superstore | Price Intelligence tool, PPC

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved year-on-year:

  • Increased revenue by 36% 
  • Increased Impression Share by 37% for top brands
  • Increased ROAS by 98%

Who is the client and what was their goal?

Client: Ethical Superstore

Industry: Food & drink

Target customers: People wanting to live more ethically and sustainably.

Ethical Superstore are an online supermarket who stock one of the largest ranges of eco-friendly groceries, homeware, cleaning, health & beauty products from around the world. With such a large inventory and many competitors we were looking for a new way to increase visibility on products they were price competitive for. Aiming to improve budget efficiency and ultimately increase ROAS and lower CPA.

So, what did we do?

Working with the client we identified the top 5 brands to focus on, then reviewed their price competitiveness against other suppliers using our Price Intelligence Tool. These were brands with high levels of competition and often in and out of promotion.

After reviewing the products through the tool, we applied the relevant custom label to each product to identify if they were ‘Competitively Priced’, ‘Comparably Priced’ or ‘Non Competitively Priced’ against competitors. 

Custom Label criteria was:

  • Price position 1 = Competitive
  • Price position 2 and <20% higher than position 1 – Comparable
  • Price position 2 and <21% higher than position 1 = Non-Competitive

Each custom label was built into their own shopping campaign with staggered bidding, then excluded from other shopping campaigns.

The results

The test was run for 6 weeks and results compared to the previous period performance.

For the 5 brands in total:

  • Clicks +2%
  • CTR +25%
  • CvR +33%
  • CPA -5%
  • ROAS +98%
  • Impression Share +37%

Despite just a small increase in traffic in total, increasing bids for competitively priced products led to increased impression share and impressions, higher CTR, increased CvR and lower CPA. As the custom labels were combined with Smart Shopping, Google’s algorithm also optimised for increased conversion value, resulting in a 98% uplift in ROAS from 36% more sales. 

What did Peter have to say?

Over the years Ortus have continually and successfully improved and optimised our pay per click advertising, so we were keen to trial the Price Intelligence Tool. Making search campaigns work is dependent on making them as cost effective as possible and getting the maximum reward for the spend, so a more targeted approach to focus on the price competitive products has worked for us and helped us get even more of a return from our campaigns without increasing the cost.”

Peter Leatherland – Online Sales Manager at Ethical Superstore