Ethical Superstore | PPC | Cyber Weekend 2023

The facts

Client name: Ethical Superstore

Industry: Home Essentials

Channels: PPC | Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • Increase conversions generated through non-brand activity. 
  • Decrease cost per conversion year on year

The results

  • +59%% in Conversions YoY
  • -10% in CPA
  • +25% in CvR YoY
  • +20% in ROAS YoY

The method

  • Original budgets for November were increased after seeing increased YoY performance throughout the year. Weekly budgets were then phased throughout November in line with promotions. 
  • Ads were enabled that clearly communicated the key message and sustainable benefit to the clients demographic. 
  • Created urgency within ads showing the time sensitive offer
  • We used data from previous years as well and industry insights to plan which product categories were expecting the highest increase in demand, this helped inform where the budget should be weighted.

What's next

We’re continuously seeking new avenues for growth and are presently delving into potential key dates on the calendar for Ethical Superstore. We aim to leverage heightened demand and upcoming sales periods, with Christmas just around the corner. Stay tuned for upcoming case studies!

Client Testimonial

“We are thrilled with the impact Ortus have made on our Foodbank Friday campaign. They provide consistently valuable insights and have excelled in driving conversions up all while lowering CPA which has helped us achieve some of our best results to date”

Natalie Antonopoulos – Digital Marketing Manager at Ethical Superstore