Crafter’s Companion | Shopping Growth

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

  • We’ve grown ROAS through shopping by 78%.
  • 45% increase in Impression Share, and 25% increase in Click Share.
  • 26% reduction in CPM and 14% reduction in CPC through Shopping.

Who is the client and what was the objective?

Crafter’s Companion, created by Dragon’s Den’s Sara Davies, are one of the UK’s fastest-growing names in crafting, with a product range of everything from crafting tools to stamps, dies and colouring mediums. Sara and her team of crafting experts also showcase their range to a loyal customer base, tuning in daily to watch their own dedicated programming schedule on Crafter’s TV, online and on TV!

After getting our clients feed looking super healthy and optimal against Google’s best practices, we wanted to test migrating the legacy Standard Shopping campaigns over to Smart Shopping. The 2 key objectives of this was to:

  • Take further advantage of Google’s automated bidding strategies and grow the clients shopping results and profitability from this campaign type.
  • Analyse the improved budget efficiency and visibility of an independent CSS provider.

So, what did we do?

  • The feed underwent advanced segmentation based on our clients overall paid KPIs.
  • Re-structured the Shopping campaigns based on our new segmentation feed rules, with the restructure following our agency’s best-practice approach, with visibility and performance at its core.
  • We tested switching from Standard to Smart Shopping campaign types.
  • Partnered with a non-Google CSS platform, to take over the client’s merchant centre, and enable us to take advantage of the 20% lower CPC’s that they offer.

Switching to Smart Shopping resulted in

+ 30 %


+ 78 %


35 %


Switching to a non-Google CSS provider resulted in

+ 45 %

impression share

+ 25 %

click share

14 %