Crafter’s Companion | PPC, Shopping, Display

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:


  • Increased revenue by 97% vs previous Birthday Week
  • Increased ROAS 38% YoY


  • Increased revenue 170% vs same weeks in 2019
  • Increased ROAS 15% YoY

Who is the client and why did they come to us?

Client: Crafter’s Companion
Industry: Ecommerce
Territory focus: UK, US

Crafter’s Companion, created by Dragon’s Den’s Sara Davies, is one of the UK’s fastest-growing names in crafting, with a product range of everything from crafting tools to stamps, dyes and colouring mediums. Sara and her team of crafting experts also showcase their range to a loyal customer base, tuning in daily to watch their own dedicated programming schedule on Crafter’s TV, online and on TV!

With the brand’s flagship annual sales event, Birthday Week, approaching over the last two weeks of October, Crafter’s Companion was looking to maximise transactions and revenue throughout the Birthday Week period, across both UK and US accounts. Team Ortus needed to grow both sales and ROI compared to the previous year, with only a limited media budget.

So, what did we do?

Delving deep into last year’s data, we identified the most important factors that drove the strongest performance throughout Birthday Week 2019, to know exactly where to hone our efforts. This included:

  • Top performing Google audiences, customer lists and demographic segments
  • Which devices users were searching and converting on, and which days and hours were key
  • Which products sold best, and which relevant brand and generic keywords had the biggest search volume

Taking key findings from our research into the data, we launched our strategy, which involved building new ads, campaigns and keywords to cover the Birthday Week offering. We created bespoke Ad Customisers to push the brand’s ‘free daily gift’ message, whilst also using Merchant Promotions on Google and Microsoft Ads to maximise the visibility of the discounts and offers on sale. Using our learnings, we put in place scripts to control audience, device, and time-of-day bids to reach the right users at the right time.

The results


  • +97% Revenue vs Birthday Week 2019
  • +38% ROAS YoY


  • +170% Revenue vs 2019
  • +15% ROAS YoY