Unpinning Headlines Crafter's Companion

Crafter’s Companion | PPC | Lowering CPC’s

The facts

Client name: Crafter’s Companion

Industry: Craft Supplies

Channels: PPC | Google Ads

Territories: UK

The objectives

  • The team wanted to capitalise on Google releasing ‘Business Name’ and ‘Business Logo’ as extensions and unpinning Branded terms from Headlines which is now provided by Google through Assets.
  • To improve Ad Strength and identify how changes to this affect the performance of ads – in particular CTR’s and CPC’s.


The results

  • 91% of ads saw improvements to Ad Strength
  • 30% of ads saw an increase in CTR
  • 22% of ads saw a reduction in CPC’s


The method

  • Our PPC experts enabled Business Name and Business Logo as Assets across all campaigns.
  • We agreed with the client an initial 14 day test period, and only reviewed like-for-like ads (no sale vs non-sale ads were reviewed).
  • We only unpinned headlines; no other changes to ad copy were made to ensure only this affected performance!


What's next

We’re always on the lookout to improve our ads; some still have the capacity to improve Ad Strength, so we’ll be looking to update Headlines and Descriptions to continue to improve CTR’s and reduce CPC’s.