Camilla | Paid Social | Revenue Growth

The facts

Client name: Camilla

Industry: Women’s Fashion

Channels: Paid Social | META

Territories: UK & EU

The objectives

  • Increase last-click revenue driven through Paid Social whilst hitting or exceeding ROAS targets
  • Segment campaigns for new customer acquisition and retargeting in line with clients objectives

The results

  • 106%+ in ROAS for both UK & EU 
  • 249%+ in revenue for both UK & EU
  • 281%+ in UK ROAS
  • 1,041%+ in EU ROAS

The method

  • When we took over the account it was solely reliant on Advantage+ campaigns. There were no specific audiences set for retargeting or new customer acquisition. This meant there was no way to see what was being spent on acquisition or retargeting within Meta or within GA when looking at revenue (which the client wanted visibility on).
  • We then built new UK & EU Paid Social campaigns in line with our best practices and segmented these for new customer acquisition and retargeting in order to improve performance and reporting for the client. 
  • Any outstanding tracking issues flagged in our initial audit were rectified to ensure more accurate data was being received.
  • Tracking issues were identified and rectified to ensure more accurate data was being received.

What's next

The natural next step for Camilla’s UK & EU Paid Social in order to support new customer acquisition is to introduce TikTok ads, the perfect platform to increase brand awareness and drive new traffic to their sites across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Client testimonial

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you for all the effort on our account so far. We are over the moon with results to date, last week’s performance was incredible compared to past few months.

Generating revenue out of paid social in such a short period of time is super impressive, we had been struggling for any conversions over the past 6 months and had been told our account wasn’t able to drive last click revenue from meta in UK and EU.

Thanks so much again, super happy with performance so far. I also really appreciate how proactive the team has been, expectations have been exceeded, thank you!”

Performance Marketing Manager at Camilla