Aphrodite | PPC

For those with only 30 seconds, this is what we achieved:

In the first six months of management, we:

  • Increased revenue by 77%
  • Increased conversion rate by 21%
  • Increased ROAS by 27%
  • Reduced cost of sale by 13.3%

Who is the client and why did they come to us?

Client: Aphrodite1994
Industry: Menswear, Fashion
Territory focus: UK

Aphrodite was established in 1994 with the goal of providing the North East with the finest menswear and footwear from carefully selected brands such as Stone Island, Paul Smith and Kenzo.

Through the years the brand has pushed forward and evolved, launching aphrodite1994.com in 2007 to take its vision to the world at large. Aphrodite now welcomes regular customers from across the globe as well as an expanded and eclectic selection of brands, including Canada Goose, DSquared and Moncler among many others.

To make the most of their paid account, the Aphrodite team needed to reduce the account’s cost of sale and increase revenue. With our expertise in account management and optimisation, we were keen to take on the challenge.

To meet and exceed Aphrodite’s expectations, we needed to review and restructure the account to ensure it was set up properly, optimised, and ready to deliver substantial results.

Our key target was to deliver year on year growth in shopping revenue through our first six months of management, and we also needed to improve conversion rate, reduce cost per click, and improve the cost of sale results within the account, which was below target and required significant improvement.

So, what did we do?

To ensure we started with our best foot forward, we completed a full restructure of the shopping campaigns in the account, building out new campaigns focusing on Aphrodite’s key brand selection, and reducing spend across all-products campaigns.

This allowed us to truly focus spend on the brands, categories and products that performed well, and optimise our bidding strategy at a more granular level, rather than taking a blanket campaign approach. In addition, we also split out sale and full price items into their own respective campaigns, enabling us to push spend into the right products at the most crucial periods.

We honed in on both retargeting and prospective audiences which had performed well in the past, and limited our targeting on certain campaigns to reach these potential customers. This meant that we could make the most of restricted budgets by targeting those we knew were the most likely to convert.

The results

With a fully-optimised account and our expert team managing at a granular level, in our first six months (March – August v previous period), we:

  • Reduced CPCs by 18%,
  • Increased conversion rates by 21%,
  • Increased ROAS by 27%
  • Reduced CoS to 13.3%, below the client’s target of 15%.

Compared with the previous period, we grew revenue 77% from just 54% more spend, improved ROAS by 15% and achieved a reduced CoS, down 13% YoY.

What did Duncan have to say?

“Since Ortus took over the management of the account, they have reduced our cost of sale significantly and increased the revenue substantially. The PPC account for Aphrodite is in very good shape thanks to the efforts from the team.”
Duncan MacKenzie, Director at Aphrodite