We Join Bing’s Select Tier of Partners

We Join Bing’s Select Tier of Partners

Recognising the extensive work the AGY47 PPC team has undertaken in 2018, Bing has chosen to upgrade the team to Bing’s Select Tier of partners.

Bing notes that the Select Tier of partners “demonstrates that AGY47 belong to is an exclusive group of trusted advisers to Microsoft’s advertising business.”

This new tier means that we will have a greater level of service from Bing, as well as other benefits to befit a growing agency with an ever-increasing amount of industry knowledge and expertise. For clients, this will allow them access to new products, opportunities and Bing betas. These will be ushered in through more dedicated account management across our wide ranging portfolio of clients.

“There’s a lot of exciting Betas coming to the Bing Ads platform both in the UK and internationally, so we’re really proud to be among the first agencies in the UK to benefit from this new technology,” said Hannah Strong, Head of Paid Marketing. “Clients who partake in new Betas often see higher ad engagement and performance, which is what AGY47 strives to achieve for any client, so we’re thrilled to receive this accolade.”

This type of recognition from an organisation like Bing only highlights the upward trajectory that the PPC team has been on in recent months. If you have any questions on how to start your Bing campaign, or how you can take your Bing campaigns to the next level, contact us today.