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Sustainable retailer Ethical Superstore sees revenue growth from our Price Intelligence Tool

Our client, sustainable online supermarket, Ethical Superstore, recently saw an incredible revenue increase of 36% following implementation of our brand new price intelligence tool!

The pandemic has seen a significant shift in shopper behaviour, with recent research highlighting that more than a third of consumers are now more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, and a further three quarters saying that they plan to continue with their newly changed shopping habits.

To compete in the challenging post pandemic market, Ethical Superstore implemented our Price intelligence tool which supported the retailer in achieving a 98% increase in ROAS with a 36% increase in revenue, by providing data and visibility on how price competitive Ethical Superstore’s products were on Google shopping against other retailers. The data and findings enabled our experts to focus the paid marketing budget on highly competitive priced products and targeted differently from those which weren’t as competitive at that given moment.

Peter Leatherland, Online Sales Manager at Ethical Superstore said: “The shift in shopper behaviour and new focus on sustainable and ethical choices among the post pandemic market has pushed us to look at additional avenues for growth. Making search campaigns work is dependent on making them as cost effective as possible and getting the maximum reward for the spend. A more targeted approach to focus on our most price competitive products has worked for us and helped us get even more of a return from our campaigns without increasing the cost.”

Ethical Superstore’s offering focuses on eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items including fashion, food, cosmetics and cleaning products that do not harm the environment. The increased consumer desire to shop ethically has meant heightened competition in the market, but despite sustainability playing a greater role in buyer behaviour than ever before, and consumer’s now having a greater awareness and conscience in the impact of their choices, there is still a sense of reluctance to support these credentials by paying extra.

Sarah Williams, Associate Director at Ortus said: “We developed this tool with retailers in mind, to really support brands in pricing decisions internally and to allow them to be more competitive in their ever-growing market via Google Shopping. A lot of retailers have struggled during the pandemic and we really feel (and have the stats to back it up!) that this tool offers retailers the opportunity to achieve greater revenue from their Google Shopping Ads, without the need to increase costs, enabling them to successfully compete in a post pandemic market.”

View the full case study here or access the free demo of our tool here!