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How we are all still moving (at safe distances) amidst the coronavirus pandemic

With the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, search has taken on a new, key responsibility. In the midst of uncertainty, users are increasingly looking for clarity on the situation as it happens, and most importantly, reassurance. 

A new breed of ‘useful content’ has taken on a wealth of responsibility, as people restructure their lives around remote working and keeping up to date with the latest verified updates. 

We’ve taken a look at how this event has changed our search behaviours as we move to creating a safe space for those around us. Our societies are evolving, powered by search, and here’s how.

We’re maintaining at-home work productivity

Google Trends Data for ‘Work From Home Advice’ – 25/03/2020

As shown, ‘work from home advice’ is a hugely popular topic, as more UK offices closed following the latest government advice on social distancing. The term ‘work from home coronavirus’ is classified as a breakout term (never being seen before), which has led to a search increase of more than 5000%

Many of us are now working remotely, but this can feel disruptive compared to the structure of a typical office day. Everything from managing workload to taking breaks can feel difficult, and sometimes the home environment can cause lags in productivity. 

There are resources available for all situations: whether you want a comprehensive guide to all things working from home; or if you need essential survival tips on how to cope when coworking with a partner (especially when you’re not used to spending entire working days together!).

Home fitness is booming

Google Trends Data for ‘Home Workout’ – 25/03/2020

Searches for the term ‘home workout’ have rocketed. With both indoor and outdoor gyms and leisure facilities now closed, many people are taking extra precautions by working out from their homes. 

Exercise is a key part of many people’s daily routines, and being stuck in the house can lead to a lot of pent up energy. There’s been a 350% boost in the searches of ‘dumbbells for sale’. Resistance band manufacturer B_ND are ranking as another breakout term and have seen an exponential increase in searches. 

There’s an abundance of written and visual content available when it comes to keeping fit at home and slotting a workout in could be the ideal solution for breaking up long days spent indoors. From at-home yoga routines to HIIT workouts, you’ll find an easy to follow guide or video to keep you going.

We’re looking for more ways to be mindful

Google Trends Data for ‘How To Practice Mindfulness’ – 25/03/2020

Of course, the pandemic we are in has prompted us to think a bit differently about the world around us. The uncertainty that it has produced has brought with it a lot of anxieties, with news outlets releasing a near constant stream of information (which isn’t always from reliable sources), which only increases these concerns. 

An increased search volume around the term ‘how to practice mindfulness’ demonstrates that people have begun to approach and manage their anxieties. Whether it’s by taking a break from the screen, the news, or by getting out and using the fresh air to clear our minds, we’re looking for ways to be mindful even in these unpredictable times.

Going back to basics

Google Trend Data for ‘How To Make Bread’ – 25/03/2020

The amount of people searching online for ‘how to make bread’ has soared, as increasing demand has left many supermarket shelves bare. Likewise, searches for ‘how to make your own pasta’ have seen a 50% boost in the past 90 days. 

It looks like we’re remaining defiant and looking to solve these issues ourselves, while also picking up a valuable new life skill! How self-sufficient of us. Baking your own bread to survive self isolation might just be one of the most wholesome activities there is during this time, and kneading dough might just be the stress relief that you need.


Google Trends Data for ‘Must Read Books’ – 25/03/2020

Searches such as ‘must read books’ searches have grown and ‘top podcasts 2020’ was a breakout term, showing that we’re looking to pass the time by learning or reading something new. Searches for ‘jigsaws’ have also climbed, as people look for ways to pass the time spent indoors:

Google Trends Data for ‘Jigsaws’ – 25/03/2020. 

These kinds of activities are all ideal for combatting things like anxiety, by keeping the mind occupied with new stories, creativity, challenges and ideas.

While we are certainly living in unprecedented times, search data shows that users are seeking ways to adapt their normal routines. Rather than putting life on pause, our data shows that users are being proactive. Whether it’s by keeping fit, discovering a new podcast or by getting creative in the kitchen, we’re all rising to the challenges safely and contributing to the collective effort towards managing this pandemic.