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How to bring your team together during a company rebrand as a leader

During a company rebrand process, there are so many decisions to be made, including the branding itself, company focus, tone of voice and values, as well as the core audience to hone in on. So rebranding a company, whilst maintaining a high morale within a growing team is always going to be even more of a challenge.

Sarah Williams, our Associate Director here at Ortus, shares her 5 key pieces of advice on how leaders can successfully bring their team together during a company rebrand.

Involve the whole team in the journey

Although it can be tempting to keep rebrand efforts a closed discussion, don’t try to keep all of the rebrand work at a senior company level. Seek to involve others members of the team at all levels, from senior to entry-level.

Having individuals from your team involved along the way makes them feel a part of something and that they have contributed to the bigger picture of the new brand. This also means they understand the journey of the new brand, how and why decisions are being made and they can speak confidently to their audience on what the brand means and what it stands for. 

Make it fun and exciting

It’s important to let the team’s creative juices flow. You just never know who will come up with that lightbulb moment – and allowing people to get creative and get involved will cement loyalty within the team, knowing that they have been a huge part of the brand’s journey right from the beginning! We held a session for the Ortus team to get involved with agency name ideas and a poll in our group chat to choose their favourite brand logo too!

Use your team as a focus group for ideas and a sounding board 

Get your team’s advice and their thoughts on the company:

  • How do we want the brand to be perceived?
  • How does the brand make customers feel?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What are the company’s values?
  • What makes the brand different to others in the same space?

This information is invaluable as an extra source of insight and a fresh perspective outside of a leader’s. This exercise was also a great way of finding out how much everyone within our team aligns on how the company is being portrayed and our brand positioning. 

Empowering the team – playing to individuals strengths during the process

Leverage team members’ individual strengths to support the rebrand journey. Even get some mini project teams created, with “owners” assigned for certain points during the rebrand. For example, consider grouping those who are really creative to support with visual branding exercises, and grouping those who are great at writing content to support on new brand material and new brand tone of voice documentation.  

Celebrate the success together!

Make sure to celebrate the success of the rebrand as a whole team and share the great feedback on new branding with everyone who played a part in bringing the brand to life. This makes a solid and positive foundation for great things to come for your new brand! 


My above top tips on how to bring your team together not only work on a rebrand project, but for many other projects, such as new services/products and when planning for business or marketing events too!