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Advice to women starting out in Digital Marketing

Committing to a career path can be daunting for anyone. Whether you’re just starting out or if you feel it’s simply time for a change, tackling the idea of the ‘unknown’ when taking on a new role is often the biggest challenge. And there’s always the fear that it just might not be right for you.

As part of our celebration of Women In Marketing, we’ve decided to debunk this fear, speaking to some of our very own female marketing gurus on how their career began — asking of course for that all important advice to help other women to start their own journey’s!

Deanne Kondrat, PPC 

Hi *waves into the depths of the internet* – I work in digital marketing as a Paid Marketing Manager. I know, what does that even mean?! You know those ads you’re served every time you do a Google search, or your favourite brands tempting you with their new lines on the gram? That’s me! 

I started out 10 years ago (yikes!) in a more traditional in-house marketing role, and eventually found myself here. But my advice to you is pretty relevant across all spectrums of marketing. First of all, you think you have a plan of where you’ll end up, but be prepared to throw that all out the window. (Says the trained journalist, who is now working in PPC.) But this allows you to learn so much about yourself – I never thought I would call myself a data nerd. 

Secondly, get your name out there! Network! You have the skills, but the connections are what are going to help you find your dream job. If you’re an introvert who hates networking (I feel ya) start a blog or newsletter, or a relevant Instagram account. You want people to get your CV and say ‘I can’t believe SHE is applying here, we have to have her.’


Charlotte Greaves, Digital PR 

I work in digital marketing as a Digital PR Executive. It’s crazy to think I work in this particular industry all as a result of studying media at university as there is so many avenues you can take from that. Digital Marketing is such an interesting profession to work in as it is ever growing and changing. There are so many people from different backgrounds that it really doesn’t matter what knowledge you have of it in the start. My biggest advice for anyone wanting to start a career in digital marketing is to never hesitate, put your mind to it and just throw yourself in at the deep end! Read as many resources as you can and ask your peers as many questions as you want. This kind of industry has so many resources at your finger tips and as you learn, the skills you already have, along with ones you adopt will flourish!


Sharon Gwati-Mudzudzu, Organic Search

Believe in the magic that is you.

Marketing is a creative industry. You have to think like there is no box for you to make an impact. Now to make that happen you have to believe in you and what you bring to the table for anyone to take you seriously. Digital marketing adds data to the mix which means you can back your magic with intel that makes you bad arse and it improves your game. As the industry keeps changing, you need to keep learning, keep evolving and most importantly enjoy what you do because digital marketing truly is an awesome journey.


Charlotte Davies, Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, there’s always a new development or regulation shaking up the industry, and it’s important you can show you know your stuff. My advice for women starting out would therefore be to do as much reading and research as you can. Immerse yourself in your niche, follow the right people and engage with the right content. Being ahead of the curve with new trends is extremely important in marketing, so if you can demonstrate your ability to stay ahead it will go a long way. 

If you’re looking to get involved in affiliate marketing specifically, you’ll need to show you’re able to build strong relationships – this is a really crucial part of the role. Whether it’s with a client or a publisher, establishing, nurturing and maintaining good relationships will be a big part of what you do, so focus on gaining experience that shows you’ll excel in this area.

And of course, no matter what your role is, whether it’s your dream job or simply a foot in the door, come in with an optimistic attitude and a willingness to learn. In my opinion, we’re in the best industry there is, so embrace it no matter what stage in your career you’re at! 


First hand advice is a sure-fire, trusted way to learn the ins and outs of any new role, and hopefully this has sparked some inspiration in women who want to take that first step. The diversity of roles in Digital Marketing means that it can accommodate a wide variety of skill sets though, so don’t shy away from simply bringing all of your strengths into your role — and shape your path in a way that is true to you!